Growth Regulator


Growth Regulator

Growth Regulator does not stop the grass growing completely, but reduces the growth of the grass, which means it does not have to be mowed as often and the grass will not grow as tall, so less grass clippings will be produced.

It is very useful on areas of lawn that are difficult to mow, like slopes, but can be used on all areas of lawn. The product is sprayed onto the lawn, does not need watering in and is not harmful to pets or children. The product is absorbed through the grass leaf on lawns that are receiving feeding treatment from Lawnsavers Lawn Treatment Service.

The lawn will become thicker, greener and healthier and will be able to deal with dry weather and wear and tear better. One application of Growth Regulator will take about 2 weeks to work and will last at least 4 weeks and up to a maximum of 6 weeks.

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