Hollow Tine Aeration


Hollow Tine Aeration

Hollow Tine Aeration is carried out using a powered professional Hollow Tine Aeration machine which removes cores of soil from the ground. It is carried out to improve the appearance and health of your lawn by helping water, fertiliser and oxygen to penetrate into the soil easier which improves the lawn for summer and winter. It also improves root development resulting in a thicker healthier lawn. Hollow Tine Aeration will also help to reduce soil compaction; when a lawn is compacted it is difficult and sometimes impossible for water, fertiliser and oxygen to penetrate into soil resulting in reduced root development. Lawnsavers Lawn Treatment Services do not fill in the holes that are left following Hollow Tine Aeration with sand or top dressing because in our opinion we believe it is more beneficial if the holes are left open allowing water, fertiliser and oxygen to get into the soil easier, for the roots to develop more effectively and also to relieve compaction more effectively.

Hollow Tine Aeration can also reduce subsurface Thatch – a layer of Thatch that is just below the surface of the lawn which can’t be removed unless the turf is taken up with it. By removing cores of soil from the lawn, some of the subsurface is removed and channels are made through the subsurface Thatch helping water, fertiliser and air to get to the root zone.

If we provide a quotation for Hollow Tine Aeration we will provide you with two prices – one price will be without core removal and the other price will be with core removal. The reason for this is that some customers prefer the cores to be left on or to save money by removing the cores themselves. Lawnsavers Lawn Treatment Services recommend that the cores are removed from the lawn as they can look unsightly, get trodden into the lawn and cause unevenness to the surface of the lawn, however if you are going to have the lawn Scarified then the cores will get removed at that point.

If you asked for the cores to be removed they will be bagged up and left at your property. If you would like us to dispose of the bags we will be happy to do so, but this will incur a small additional charge to cover the cost of disposal.

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