Leather Jackets


Leather Jackets

Lawnsavers Lawn Treatment Services can eradicate leather jackets by applying an insecticide which will kill the Leather Jackets to prevent any further damage. The lawn will then start to recover from any damage already done, however in cases of severe damage the lawn or parts of it might need to be re-seeded or re-turfed which Lawnsavers Lawn Treatment Services can advise you on at the time.

Lawnsavers Lawn Treatment Services can eradicate leather jackets by applying an insecticide.

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Warm, damp autumns and winters will encourage leatherjackets and is critical for the survival of crane fly eggs and newly hatched leather jackets.

Heavy frosts during autumn and winter can sometimes reduce leather jacket populations.

Crane flies cause no damage to lawns but it is the leather jackets that cause the damage by eating the roots of the grass.

Leather Jackets are the Larvae of the Crane fly, also known as a daddy long legs. Crane flys lay eggs in the lawn after mating in late summer usually during a 3 week period. The eggs hatch into leather jackets usually during August and September. Although any damage may not be seen at first the larvae will start feeding on grass roots as soon as they have hatched.

When temperatures start dropping in late autumn and winter the leather jackets will reduce their feeding and wait for warmer weather in the spring. This is when damage usually starts to become visible. Usually by the end of May the larvae start pupating into adults and around July / August the crane flies emerge again for the cycle to continue.

The signs of leather jackets can start appearing anytime during autumn, winter, or spring but usually during the spring. The signs of leather jackets are brown patches or dead or dying patches of grass, lots of birds pecking at the lawn (searching for Leather Jackets to eat). Another sign is parts of the lawn that seem to of been pulled up which will usually be by birds or other animals again searching for the leather jackets to eat. Leather Jackets live in the soil and eat the roots of the grass causing the grass to die. They can cause damage from just a small patch to the destruction of an entire lawn.

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