Scarification is carried out by a powered professional Scarification machine which removes some of the Thatch and Moss from the lawn; Thatch can be made up of dead grass, stolons, rhizomes, stems, overcrowded grass roots and lateral weed growth. Thatch can clog up the lawn and reduce the growth and health of grass, so by removing some of the Thatch the lawn thickens, health improves and it becomes less susceptible to disease. The worst effect Thatch has on the lawn, depending on the thickness of the Thatch, is reducing or completely preventing air, water and fertilizer from reaching the root zone of the soil.

Thatch can encourage moss to grow, so by removing some of the Thatch, moss growth might be reduced.

Thatch can accumulate yearly.

Scarification promotes new growth by cutting stolons; Scarification will remove some moss also.

The Thatch removed from Scarification will be left bagged up at your property. If you would like us to dispose of the bags we will be happy to do so, but this will incur a small additional charge to cover the cost of disposal.

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