Wetting Agent


Wetting Agent

The application of Wetting Agent will reduce the amount of water the lawn needs, meaning that in periods of hot and dry weather when some lawns need watering, the frequency they need watering will be reduced.

Wetting agent helps water to enter into the soil, penetrate down into the root zone and spread out through the soil evenly, which is very beneficial in periods of hot and dry weather when some lawns dry out.

Wetting agent will bypass Thatch through the hydrophobic (water repellent) layer into the soil and to the root zone evenly through the soil.

The application of Wetting Agent can help a dry lawn or dry patches become wet. If the lawn is also watered on a regular basis when the soil is dry, the frequency and amount of water needed is a lot less than if no Wetting Agent were applied. For example, some lawns need watering every day when the soil is dry but a lawn that is treated with Wetting Agent may only need to be watered once a week or less depending on a number various factors.

Dry patches are usually caused by buried debris or stones/rocks; if they are too close to the surface they do not have sufficient soil on top of the debris to hold enough water. Dry Patches can also be caused by a buildup of water repellent deposits in the soil which are made by the breakdown of organic material and by the activity of Fairy Rings. These deposits coat sand and other particles in the soil and become hard and water repellent, which means that despite rainfall and watering, moisture does not penetrate the soil and usually runs off the surface of the affected area causing the grass to turn brown.

Wetting Agents are composed of surfactants which are chemicals that cause change to the surface of liquid.

Wetting Agent does not take away the need to water the lawn but reduces the amount and frequency of watering.

Lawnsavers Lawn Treatment Services can apply Wetting Agent if needed.

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